Ine Claes

Ine Claes 819 1024 dancecenter

11/01/2021 – 20/01/2021

Performing Arts
Title of the project: “FIELDS OF (CON)FUSION”

MASTERCLASS: Voice-Movement Composition
The workshops I give focus on voice composition and bodywork in relation to the voice. Using different tools for vocal composition as text, singing, rhythmical phrasing and (re)-production of sound. The workshop also focuses on how we deal with language and word. We work with words and text by means of automatic writing. This text becomes the basis for the further development of language and vocal sound and the development of a soundtrack for the choreography. The research into movement focuses on the transformation of daily movement, the gesture and communication, in search for the poetry of the simple act. 

After graduating from the Amsterdam University of the Arts (’08) Ine’s interest in movement and visual arts brought her to collaborations in the fields of interventions in public space, short movie and performative installations with different visual artists as Liesbeth Marit, Jacques Urbanska, Tomas Israël, Koen Moerenhout and Sara Claes. Her interest in the world of the voice grew over the years and led to different projects. She created the duet Riptide, for Nuit Blanche Brussels 2012. In 2013 she founded, together with Johanne Saunier, the company Ballets Confidentiels, a music and dance project where the duo brought together voice, music and sound visualization. They collaborated with Georges Aperghis, Martin Crimp, Joâo Lobo, Pak Yan Lau, Fabien Fiorini, Quator Tana, Manjunath B.C., Richard Dubelski and many more. Ine left the company in 2018 to focus on her personal research. In 2017 she created the solo voice/movement I choke, you choke, let’s all choke together, that laid the foundation for her current research and artistic direction. In 2019 she conducts her Research Project at Kunstencentrum Vooruit, C-Takt and CC De Ploter.
The projects she creates bring together different art forms and any form that she believes is necessary at a certain moment. After her solo work she created the musical performance Following Three, with Mathieu Calleja (’17) and a pure vocal solo piece, On the other side that premièred at De Sprekende Ezels (’18). Currently she is working on the sound installation DIVE, with Mathieu Calleja and Juan Parra Cancino, that will première at M-idzomer Festival, Museum M in August ’19. In 2020 she creates a new work, asfaraswecantell, bringing vocals, movement and space into a dialogue. Asfaraswecantell is a co-production by C-Takt and De Bijloke – Manufactuur, with the support of Workspacebrussels and LOD. Ine’s work is represented by Berserk Art Agency since September ’18.

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